Stuffed Fresh Pasta or Ravioli. Our Thin durum semolina pasta filled with chef design recipes, cook daily in our kitchen made only with fresh ingredients. Usually served with one of our sauces for an extraordinary experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the pasta last? 

Our Fresh Pasta will last 1 week in the fridge and two months in the freezer. Ravioli will last two months in the freezer and should always be frozen.

How can I buy this product? 

Easiest way to buy our pasta would be to order online. You can choose between shipping, delivering ( we deliver to Houston and surrounding cities ) or pick up options that include different locations in the Houston area. 



You can also purchase pasta at our point of sale factory.

1599 Hicks St,, Tomball, Texas 77377  


We are providing curbside pick up at this time. Call this number to have your order brought to your car. 

(888) 774-8188

What recipes can I create? 

The opportunities are endless with our delicious pasta but we have compiled some of our favorites here for you to follow!

On the last one we had a link to follow to our YouTube recipe videos but it can also be a link to figure recipe blog posts. If you're not able to put a link to the YouTube then we can just start with the first two


Can I substitute products from The Foodie’s Boxes? 

Yes you can, please let us know in the instructions when ordering, we will accommodate as possible or we will reach out to you with suggestions.

Can I customize my own box? 

Yes you can, just pick your products and add gift box kit $5 to the car.

Can you send the decoration of The Foodie's Boxes according to the occasion? 

Yes, Please indicate in the instructions what type of decoration you want in the box, for example Christmas, birthday, graduation, anniversary, or our regular as shown in the picture.

Can I add a message to The Foodie's Box? 

Yes, you can, write down the message in the instructions at the check out, we Will make sure your message is send with the box.

How can I order?  

Click here

I am a Chef/Restaurant how can I order?  

Order Online: Just go to WHOLESALE tab and click on order now, you are NOT require to have an account, just fill the spaces, in “my order” just type your order and any special instructions you may have, it is like sending us an email. If we have questions, we will call you back.

Order by Email: Send your order to [email protected].

Order by text: Send us a text to Diane at 713 258 5110

Do the products on my Gift box need to be kept refrigerated?  

Yes, depending on the product it should be kept frozen or refrigerated. Pastas are refrigerated and Lasagnas and Sauces are frozen. The boxes are not sealed closed, so you can open and re-close as needed. We suggest that if you are not giving the gift boxes away immediately, to take the products out of the box and keep them refrigerated or frozen until needed.  

Does my Gift Box come with cooking instructions?  ?  

Yes, all our boxes have instructions on how to keep the product as well as how to cook them.   

Can I add Ravioli to a custom Box?  

Yes you can, but keep in mind Ravioli must stay frozen to avoid sticking, if you can keep them frozen until give them away then it should be fine. 

When are the deliveries and when do I need to order?  

Click here "How to Order"