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Pastas, Ravioli, Lasagna and more...

When you serve DellaCasa Pasta you serve real pasta, the way it was meant to be.
Try it, you’ll taste the difference!

Lamb & Herbs by Della Casa Pasta
Lamb & Herbs
Bolognese Individual by Della Casa Pasta
Bolognese Individual
Fettuccine by Della Casa Pasta
Rigatoni  by Della Casa Pasta
Spinach Fettuucine by Della Casa Pasta
Spinach Fettuucine
Mafalde by Della Casa Pasta
Portabella & Shiitake by Della Casa Pasta
Portabella & Shiitake
Fresh Pasta Products and Meals Made from Scratch

Fresh Pasta Products and Meals Made from Scratch

We only use 100% natural ingredients that are grown and produced locally and high-end pasta machines from Italy, with brass dies that produce pasta with a true al dente texture.

Our products, which are made in quality-controlled small batches, can be found at many of Houston’s finest restaurants and select weekly farmer’s markets. Whether you are a busy parent, a personal chef, a high-end restaurant or food distributor, DellaCasa is equipped and ready to meet all your pasta needs.

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