How can I buy this product? 

Easiest way to buy our pasta would be to order online. You can choose between shipping, delivering ( we deliver to Houston and surrounding cities ) or pick up options that include different locations in the Houston area. 



You can also purchase pasta at our point of sale factory.

1599 Hicks St,, Tomball, Texas 77377  


We are providing curbside pick up at this time. Call this number to have your order brought to your car. 

(888) 774-8188

How long will the pasta last? 

Our Fresh Pasta will last 1 week in the fridge and two months in the freezer. Ravioli will last two months in the freezer and should always be frozen.

What recipes can I create? 

The opportunities are endless with our delicious pasta but we have compiled some of our favorites here for you to follow!

On the last one we had a link to follow to our YouTube recipe videos but it can also be a link to figure recipe blog posts. If you're not able to put a link to the YouTube then we can just start with the first two