DellaCasa Pasta

DellaCasa Pasta

DellaCasa Pasta, founded in 2011 by Luisa Obando, is a proud Texas manufacturing company that specializes in Fresh Pasta products and meals made from scratch using traditional Italian techniques and recipes. We only use 100% natural ingredients and high-end pasta machines from Italy, with brass dies that produce pasta with a true al dente texture. Our products, which are made in quality-controlled small batches, can be found at many of Texas finest restaurants and select weekly farmer’s markets, or deliver to your homes. Whether you are a busy parent, a personal chef, a high-end restaurant or food distributor, DellaCasa is equipped and ready to meet all your pasta needs.

The inspiration for DellaCasa Pasta came from Luisa’s aspiration to serve her family the best, nutritious food. As a busy mother of two, Luisa needed natural and wholesome food options that are easy and fast to cook. For 10 years DellaCasa Pasta has been helping Texas’ families and restaurants enjoy great Fresh Pasta and Ravioli meals made at fast and easy, but most important made with love.

Why Choose Us

Because you can have a Fresh Pasta meal made at home in minutes, enjoy the upscale quality Fresh Pasta of the best restaurants in the city.

It is easy! warm up our sauce, boil a Fresh Pasta or Ravioli, mix and serve!! You will taste the difference and come back for more.

In 2011 Luisa embarked on a journey to make fresh and delicious pasta available for everyone and thus DellaCasa Pasta was formed. What started out as a way to serve her family nutritious food has now become a fully-fledged unique business, where Luisa and her team work passionately to deliver fresh, authentic pasta products right to you.

With a humble but in constant growing production facility, we continue to expand our operations and grow our sales avenues by attracting people and businesses that cherish delicious and healthy food options. Partnering with like-minded businesses and adding new clients to our ever-growing wholesale portfolio, we take a lot of pride in delivering top quality pasta products to numerous restaurants, hotels and bars.

DellaCasa Pasta

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