Guide to Cooking the Perfect Fresh Pasta

Our Passion

At Della Casa Pasta it is our mission to spread the knowledge and passion of high quality, artisan, fresh pasta. We are a proud Texas manufacturing company that specializes in fresh artisan pasta products and meals made from scratch using traditional Italian techniques and recipes.


The Secret

The key to cooking perfect fresh artisan pasta is ensuring that you do not overcook the pasta and prepare it al dente. Al dente means “to the tooth” or cooked to the perfect firmness in each bite. If you are looking to impress your tastebuds leave the hard work aside and enjoy some Della Casa Specialities. Browse our fresh artisan pasta selection and sauces to curate the perfect pasta dishes, simply add your favorites to your checkout cart or call in to order. 


The Step By Step

We have created a guide on how to prepare the most delicious fresh pasta with our unique products. 


The first step to cooking the most delicious fresh artisan pasta is to bring a large pot of water to a boil. Before adding in the pasta, it is crucial for the water to reach the right boiling temperature. Once the water is at a rolling boil and there is an aggressive bubbling throughout the pot, your pasta water is ready. 

Next, add in about 2 tsp of salt per liter of water. Add in the salt only after the water has reached a roaring boil in order to facilitate the cooking process. In order for the pasta to taste flavorful and authentic, adding a significant amount of salt is key.  

The most important step is to stir in the fresh artisan pasta to the boiling water. Stirring is a crucial step that can not be skipped in order to avoid clumping. No need to add oil to the water if you have a Pasta Sauce that you are going to mix in immediately after draining.

Never cook the Pasta for more than 2 to 3 minutes, after you drain the pasta, do not rinse but toss with DellaCasa Pasta Sauce, or olive oil immediately after. Following these very steps will ensure that your pasta dish turns out perfect. You can keep a small portion of pasta water to add to sauces if desired. Eat your pasta meal within moments of cooking the pasta to ensure ultimate fresh authentic flavors. 

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