Our Fresh Pasta

Our Fresh Pasta packages are perfectly sized for a family of 4. (That is, unless you have a football player at home!)  

In our Farmers's market you find also great fresh local produce and breads, all you need for an easy, fast, natural and local meal.

Our Fresh Pasta

Traditional Fettuccine

Fresh egg fettuccine made with Durum Semolina and unbleached, unbromated flower. Made the artisanal way. The delicate flavor and rich texture of this fresh pasta makes it perfect for any sauce or even plain with a little bit of butter. $7 

Basil and Garlic Fettuccine 

Our traditional fettuccine enhanced with finely minced basil and garlic. One of our best sellers. Versatile and great by itself as a complementary dish, or with a sauce that compliments basil and garlic. The colors also makes it very appealing on your plate. $7 

Spinach Fettuccine
Our traditional fettuccine made with steamed fresh baby spinach. Kids love its streaky green color, and soft and pleasant flavor. Perfect for any sauce, or by itself as a side dish.  Mix it with traditional fettuccine to make your plate look beautiful and appetizing. Toss it with butter, top it with a grilled chicken, fish, beef or mixed vegetables. $7

Jalapeno Fettuccine

Yes, I know there is no such a thing in Italy.... But we are in Texas and here in Texas we love jalapeno.... Mix it with DellaCasa Alfredo sauce! Very popular in Italian Restaurants. Use it with any sauce or dish when you want the kick of the jalapeno. $7

Rosemary Fettuccine

Our traditional fettuccine made with minced rosemary. Talk about a versatile pasta! Rosemary fettuccine is perfect to accompany chicken and fish dishes. Very aromatic and pleasant. $7