Our Story

Natural ingredients naturally make better foods.

As a mother, I wanted to serve my family the best. The problem is, more often that not, the best I could find at the supermarket is foods filled with ingredients I can not even pronounce. If I cannot get the name of the ingredients out of my mouth, I do not want my kids putting them in their mouths!

Our Story

After doing a little research, I learned that the root cause behind many of the health problems people are plagued with today is the foods we eat. It seems like everything is overly processed and packed with artificial ingredients, preservatives, chemical and hormones. I decided the only way to ensure that I am serving my family the best is to make as much possible myself.

I started making my fresh pasta at home using traditional techniques and natural ingredients. My family was crazy about it, so I thought, why can’t everyone enjoy truly fresh pasta? I started sharing my pasta with friends and before long I developed a following, or maybe I should say my pasta developed a following. It seemed that everyone appreciated the difference between store bought pasta and truly fresh DellaCasa Pasta

I started DellaCasa Pasta so I could make truly fresh pasta available to everyone. I wanted everyone to be able to experience what pasta should really taste like. What started out as a way to provide my family with wholesome food has become my passion. It turns out that natural ingredients really do naturally make better foods. Try DellaCasa Pasta and you will be passionate about it too!